Emergency Response Team


Being Prepared for an Emergency
Frampton’s Emergency Response Team

Being prepared makes a big difference to how you respond and recover in the event of a major emergency. Frampton has an Emergency Response Team to help you, and our community as a whole, respond well in the event of a major emergency – from floods, foot and mouth, fires and storms to extended power cuts, transport accidents or widespread illness.

We have harnessed local resources and expertise in order to complement the emergency services should an incident occur.

You can call one of the team if you need immediate assistance during a major emergency.

William Alexander           07799 415076
Kevin Benn                         07423 703154
Mark Griffiths                    07880 736322

We’ve developed a Home Emergency Plan so that you can understand what to do now, and during an emergency, in order to stay safe. A copy was delivered to every household in the June/July edition of the community newsletter and you can view it here or request a further copy by contacting:
Jane Coles (T.740964 E.jane@mulberryframpton.com)

2016-11 Home Emergency Plan


The Emergency Response Team is endorsed by Frampton’s Parish Council. If you would like to be involved, please call Mark Griffiths on 741632.
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